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Former Clean Bandit star Neil Milan left in tears over homophobic incident on train

By Will Stroude

Former Clean Bandit star Neil Milan has revealed he was left “crying” following a homophobic incident on a train to Bristol last night (April 23).

The musician, who quit the chart-topping group in October last year, took to Twitter after suffering homophobic abuse and threats from a fellow passenger who apparently felt “uncomfortable” about Milan’s sexuality.

Recounting the incident, Neil wrote: “im on a train to Bristol and a man started telling me (I’m paraphrasing for everyone’s benefit) how my sexuality made him uncomfortable.

“and the ‘conversation’ got less and less friendly until he started hinting at physical threats.

He continued: “and my chest was tight and my heart was beating so fast and I felt so fucking angry and I hate how homophobia gets at me in so many ways

“through so many different channels in my mind and eventually I had to move because I couldn’t let it go and it was only escalating.”

Venting his anger, the 27-year-old ‘Rather Be’ hitmaker added: “I guess I’m just tweeting in lieu of kicking his fucking face in or something I dunno but fuck this and fuck straight white men’s comfort.”

Despite being left shaken up by the incident, Chelsea football club supporter Neil remained in good enough spirits to mock the man in question, a Tottenham Hotspur supporter, over his club’s defeat in last night’s FA Cup Semi-final match, which Chelsea won 4-2.

“I hope he cries himself to sleep when we win the double,” Neil wrote.

“I’m crying in another carriage now but 4-2 fuck u.”

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