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First Kill showrunner hints at the future of the lesbian teen drama

"A long shot doesn't mean an impossible shot."

By Emily Maskell

Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: Netflix

The hope for supernatural teen drama First Kill is not entirely lost, showrunner Felicia D. Henderson has hinted at the possibility of saving the show.

The Netflix drama was sadly cancelled after just one season with “viewing numbers versus cost,” being cited as the reason.

Fans of the sapphic romance were devastated after the show landed on Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV list for several weeks.

First Kill is based on Victoria Schwab’s short story and sees teenage vampire hunter Calliope (Imani Lewis) and teen vampire Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) fall in love over eight episodes, despite their obvious conflicts. 

Even though it seems as though Netflix won’t retract its decision, Felicia D. Henderson shared with E! news at the TV Scoop Awards (30 August) that this doesn’t mean the show has no future.

“I never say never. Netflix could look at all of this and say, ‘Whoa, lets give it another shot. This is exciting,’” Henderson said.

She also teased: “Or they could say, ‘You know what, it’s not for us, but the fans want it. So, let’s give the show up and let them find a home for it.'”

While Henderson is hopeful, she does admit that this is a long shot; “but a long shot doesn’t mean an impossible shot,” she adds.

The First Kill showrunner has previously shared her disappointment over the way in which the show was marketed, claiming that while “the initial marketing was beautiful,” the compelling narrative of the show was left out of the promotion.

The fanbase still doesn’t seem to be quietening down – even after some unfair comparisons to Heartstopper – as viewers are concerned about the sheer number of LGBTQ+ shows being cancelled at the moment, like The Wilds

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Netflix, or another streaming platform, will realise they’re missing out on a gem.

First Kill is available to stream on Netflix.

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