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Fan backlash over Beyonce’s ‘big announcement’

By Nick Bond

Beyonce is facing a fan backlash after a much-hyped announcement on Good Morning America today turned out to be something of an anticlimax.

Yesterday, Good Morning America started to publicise the fact that Beyonce would share “something amazing” with viewers, promising that fans are “gonna love it.”

“This is something I have to share with everybody,” ‘Yonce herself teased.

So what’s the big announcement? Is that oft-rumoured album with hubby Jay Z finally on its way? Is a Destiny’s Child reunion on the cards? Is #SERFBORT taking its rightful place in the Oxford Dictionary?

Not quite. The announcement was in fact a four-minute package detailing ‘Beyonce’s diet secrets’ – namely, the fact that she now manages her weight by following a vegan, plant-based diet.

Even that in itself is not news, seeing as Bey has been extolling the virtues of a vegan diet since as early as last year.

Needless to say, fans who woke up early in hopes of hearing news about a new single/album/tour etc were pissed: