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Exclusive: Behind the scenes on Kylie, Jake Shears & NERVO’s video shoot

By Cliff Joannou

It’s one of the greatest injustices of 2015 that sister DJ duo NERVO’s killer track The Other Boys – featuring none other than musical besties Kylie Minogue and Jake Shears – has not yet been a worldwide number one hit. Thankfully, with a video set to premiere early next week, the promo drive for the song – which also features disco legend Nile Rodgers – is about to kick in.

And would you believe, Attitude’s own Cliff Joannou received an exclusive invite to the set when Mim and Liv Nervo teamed up with a very hot-looking Kylie and Jake to shoot the video in a top secret London location recently. Pics, a chat with the foursome and even a little behind-the-scenes video – it’s all exclusive to Attitude, and it should tide you over until the video drops. Enjoy!

Mim and Liv, you wrote David Guetta’s When Love Takes Over. Surely you could have just retired to the Bahamas after that?
Mim: It was an amazing time for us. A real career, pivotal moment for us.


And with this new record you could have approached anyone to work with. But because Susan Boyle was not available you thought you’d go with these two?
Mim: [Laughs] We met Jake three years ago when he was touring with the Scissor Sisters at a festival and we had our green rooms next to each other. We ended up hanging out, getting drunk…
Jake: Me? I’m getting accused!
Liv: [Laughs] We carried on hanging out in LA and New York before we said, ‘do you want to work together.’ Then he was with Kylie a few months later, so she got involved, and then we worked with Nile for his Chic album, so he got involved. It was a natural organic process.
Mim: We play The Other Boys at every gig and there’s always people at the front that know all the words.
Kylie: It’s a great track. Everyone can relate to the sentiment in this song.


What’s it like to have Jake as a fag bangle?
Kylie: He’s the best.
Mim: He goes with everything.
Kylie: We’re both a couple of nut cases and having a performer friend there’s an added understanding. Sometimes we don’t even need to talk about stuff, we just understand. Like he might say I haven’t been on stage for a while and I need to get back out there, and I’m like ‘I get ya, you need to go out and do it’. Or talking about the rigors of touring or trying to find that single.
Jake: Aside from that we just have a good time.
Kylie: We’ve got on since day one. I’ve almost got my own twin! [Points to Liv and Mim]
Jake: We get to hang out whenever we’re in town together.
Kylie: He’s one of the few people who can make me go out. I’m a bit of a hermit a lot of the time. When life’s busy and you’re out around people a lot I just like to chill and nest and be home.


That’s not suited to your disco reputation.
Kylie: Well, you need the balance. The last time he snuck me out it ended up being a surprise party for my birthday. I was like, ‘I don’t know what to wear’.
Jake: I said casual but cute.
Kylie: No, it was casual but spiffy!


And the real twins? How is it working with your sister?
Liv: We’ve never worked apart. We love it. We really understand each other. Obviously, we fight, but we get over it, that’s what it’s like as sisters. You might have a creative difference but it’s never ever personal.


How do you compromise in the studio or are you always on the same page?
Mim: We just fight until one of us wins! [Laughs] We both like the same things, but we both have really strong opinions. If there’s something one of us really likes we won’t budge until she changes it a little bit then changes my mind.


What music are you listening to right now?
Mim: Duke Dumont, Solomun, the Banks album.
Kylie: My friend sends me a play list with awesome stuff.



You have your own personal musical shopper.
Kylie: I do! Shura has been a bit of an obsession of late.
Jake: Hot Chip has become one of my favourite bands of all time. I love them so much, and this year Huarache Lights is my favourite song, I’ve played it 800 times. I love the Shamir record, it reminds me of being younger. I love the new Chemical Brothers album.


What’s coming up next musically from you?
Kylie: My output’s been quite random at the moment. I will always go back to pop dance, that’s my lane. But it’s so fun to take the scenic route and do something different with others. I’ve always loved collaborations. You always learn different things.

Is there a new album planned?
Kylie: In my mind, there’s many.
Jake: I’ve been making a lot of music. I’ve been making a musical with Elton. I’m really excited about it. The music is so awesome. I’ve been writing lots of songs.

Check out our behind the scenes video from The Other Boys video shoot:

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