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Emily Blunt: ‘One day I hope to be a gay icon’

By Sam Rigby

Emily Blunt has revealed that she hopes to be considered a “gay icon” in the future.

The Into The Woods actress told Advocate that she is well aware that many of her roles have appealed to gay men, such as The Devil Wears Prada and her latest role in Disney’s new musical.

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She said: “I know that’s my demographic. That’s been made clear to me by my fans. I love it. I think it’s so cool, because one day I hope to be a gay icon.”

Blunt continued that she sees absolutely no reason why same-sex parents should face discrimination.

“I’m shocked and appalled this is still an issue. I have friends who are with partners of the same sex,” she said, adding: “They have children and they are amazing parents. They’re far better than some 16-year-old who gets knocked up by her boyfriend. Why should she get more rights than they do? I just find that sickening.

“There’s not enough support out there for [same-sex parents]. Everybody should have equal rights and everyone has the right to be a parent.”

Disney’s Into the Woods will be released in the US on Christmas Day and on January 9 in the UK.

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