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Eastenders fans go gaga for hot Walford newcomer Mark Fowler Jr

By Umar Sarwar

Mark Fowler Jr, played by actor Ned Porteous, has arrived in Walford and will no doubt cause a commotion between some of the major characters on Eastenders.

He was named after his late uncle, who died from HIV/AIDS, and was a major character of the soap from the mid ’80s to early 2000s.

The hot newcomer is the product of Michelle Fowler and Grant Mitchell, who had a one night stand back in the ’90s, and made his debut on Thursday night’s episode (August 11).

Mark Jr. made his way to Albert Square after receiving a call from Phil Mitchell, who discovered that he had a previously unknown nephew earlier this week.

After Phil called him and told him who his biological father is, he appeared in Martin Fowler and Stacey’s living room, bag in hand having flown in from Florida. Of course, Grant has no idea that Mark is his son.

Martin was shocked at the sight of his nephew, after he had spent so long with Sharon Mitchell trying to convince Phil to leave it and let Grant go away without knowing of his son.

It wasn’t just Martin that was shocked by his nephew’s appearance, fans of the show went mad as they reacted to the arrival of the new hunky character, with a fan tweeting out: “well done @bbceastenders for finding one of the most attractive men ever to play Mark Fowler JR”.

Some fans have also pointed out the physical similarities of the original Mark Fowler and Mark Fowler Jr.

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