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‘EastEnders’ boss hopes one day same-sex kisses on the soap will receive zero complaints

The show features a number of LGBTQ character including Ben Mitchell

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

EastEnders’ boss hopes one day a same-sex kiss will receive zero complaints.

The long-running BBC soap has seen its far share of LGBTQ characters and one of the favourite characters is Ben Mitchell and his recent storyline with closeted Callum Highway.

But with the LGBTQ storylines comes with complaints but Kate Oates, the head of continuing drama at the BBC and an executive producer on the long-running soap, hopes one day people won’t complain about a same-sex kiss.

She told Radio Times: “There are so many obstacles and obstructions already built-in with a same-sex relationship because not all of society is accepting.

“There’s a paradox there because one of the things that makes viewers root for the couple and makes the story compelling is actually the thing we’re trying to change: the fact that there’s still so much prejudice.

“There’s still so much homophobia in our society, and we’re glad to use our voice to try and change that.

“I’m looking forward to the day when a same-sex kiss can be shown on a mainstream soap and the duty log receives zero complaints – because then we’ll be in a much better place as a society.”