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Duncan James hints he could be about to become British soap’s first gay serial killer

Is Ste in danger?

By Joshua Haigh

Hollyoaks could be set to have its first ever gay serial killer.

Duncan James, who plays Ryan on the Channel 4 soap, recently murdered his girlfriend Amy Barnes after she discovered he was gay and threatened to tell everyone the truth.

But it turns out that with the soap’s big Christmas episode approaching, another resident could be in serious danger of getting the chop.

Discussing a newly released preview image from an upcoming episode where it looks like Ryan is about to snog Ste, Duncan told The Mirror: “Are you sure Ryan wasn’t about to kill Ste? It could be perceived either way… Kiss or fight would be the options but which will it be?

“Maybe they kiss AND fight…”

While Ryan has escaped prison so far for his crime, it looks like there’s a comeuppance in store for him in the near future.

“He’s pretty much shitting himself at the moment, he needs to do some fast thinking to try and cover his tracks because he doesn’t want anyone to know he was the real murderer.

“His world starts falling apart and he has to do things and make choices that are a lot more darker over the next few months to come.”

“I’m reading the scripts coming up and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve got to do that.’ Some of the stuff, I read it and it takes my breath away. It’s a horrible direction the writers have gone with Ryan but at the same time it’s tremendously fun.

“It’s great because you’d never go around killing people in normal life but to do it in soap life is actually fun,” added the former Attitude cover star.

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