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Duncan James had ‘therapy’ to cope with being apart from boyfriend during lockdown

"I was getting a bit depressed."

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: Instagram/mrduncanjames

Blue’s Duncan James has revealed he sought help for his mental health after being separated from his boyfriend Rodrigo Reis during lockdown.

The ‘All Rise’ singer moved back in with his mum during the third coronavirus-induced quarantine, during which time Rodrigo was in Belgium.

Speaking to OK!, the star admitted the separation caused him to feel “a bit depressed,” at which point he spoke to an online therapist at Rodrigo’s suggestion. (The pair have since reunited).

“It really helped”

“I started having therapy during this lockdown as my anxiety was getting worse and I wasn’t able to see Rodrigo,” the 43-year-old explained. 

Duncan – who is a dad to 16-year-old Tianie-Finn, his daughter from a previous relationship – continued: “I’ve also been living with my mum and I haven’t been able to see my daughter, she’s been in isolation in Manchester.

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“I was getting a bit depressed and a bit crazy. Rodrigo said, ‘Speak to someone.’ I started speaking to a therapist online and it really helped.”

Duncan, who is gay, also shared that he and Brazilian-born Rodrigo have discussed marriage, saying: “We’ve talked about that. But we have to wait and see how this crazy world pans out. It’s difficult. Rodrigo’s very close to his mother and she lives in Brazil.

“With the way of the world at the moment… we’d never get married without our mothers being there. Right now, our plan is to get some stability and get a house together.”

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