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Drag Race UK series three faces diversity backlash as Tayce speaks out

"Hopefully things will improve," says Tayce.

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: BBC

The BBC has responded to criticism over the diversity of the Drag Race UK series three cast, unveiled yesterday (18 August).

The lineup for series three, which is coming in September, has received much attention for the inclusion of the show’s first cis woman competitor, Victoria Scone.

However, some took issue with wider lack of diversity among the cast, with season two runner-up Tayce saying she was “a little taken aback” by the issue.

“Celebrating diversity is at the heart of Drag Race UK”

“Congrats to all the s3 S**GS!” Tayce said in an Instagram statement yesterday. “I’m so proud to see so many familiar faces and excited to get to know the unfamiliar.

“With that being said, I’m a little taken aback [by] the lack of diversity that’s been casted, especially as I personally know so many incredible poc [people of colour], trans, and afab [assigned female at birth] performers [sic].

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“Hopefully things will improve and for now I wish nothing but the best for the s3 girls. You deserve all the love today, this is your moment LIVE IT UP hounds and f**k it up always.”

Last night, a spokesperson for BBC Three told Attitude in a statement: “Celebrating diversity is at the heart of Drag Race UK, and we welcome queens from all backgrounds.”

Also included in the Drag Race UK cast are Vanity Milan, a Black queen from South London, and Anubis from Brighton, named as such in reference to her Egyptian heritage. 

River Medway from Kent is “50% white British, 50% Singaporean” according to the show’s press notes, while Choriza May from Newcastle is an “immigrant queen” originally from Spain.