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Drag Race Down Under’s Kita Mean says Elektra Shock is ‘such a talent’ ahead of final

Exclusive: Speaking to Attitude ahead of the grand final this weekend Kita addresses talk that she could win the series.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: BBC

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under‘s Kita Mean has said fellow contestant and friend, Elektra Shock, is “such a talent” who really “blossomed” during the show. It follows a tough week for the pair having to lip-sync against ech other to get to the final four in the last episode.

As the series draws to a close, with the final due to air on the BBC iPlayer over the weekend, Attitude has been speaking to the top four finalists.

Here, Kita Mean discusses dragging herself down and competing against her friends.

What was it like being on the show?

My wildest dreams come true. It was the most amazingly tense, nerve-wracking, exhilarating experience. I was equal parts dragging myself down for not being true to what I know I can do, whilst also being so proud of being there. It was a total, 100% head f***!

What was going through your head when you got the call you were on the show?

My brain works a mile a minute at the most chill of times, so when you get that call, it’s just like this fluctuation of every emotion – excitement into desperation and everything all at once. Everything I had worked towards and wanted my entire life all of a sudden felt like it was being presented to me. It’s still surreal to this minute. It just feels like I’m living someone else’s reality.

And how does it feel being in the final?

It’s literally everything I could want in my heart. I’m grateful and so humbled and so proud. It’s the best thing in the world! I knew I could do it, but when I was doing the show, I was so hard on myself. I’m so grateful for the love and support from everyone.

When I’m in drag, I’m stupid and I just love to have fun, and I didn’t feel like I was that person on the show. When I’m in drag it’s like this completely different person to out of drag. What I saw on the show of me in drag felt like the person I am out of drag. I didn’t feel like I had my drag superpowers activated.

Well, the impression I’ve got is that that’s not the case. And was it great doing this – at least in part – with Anita [Wigl’it]?

Totally, she’s my homegirl for sure. We’ve done so much together and I’m so proud of her. It was such a treat to do that with her. But I guess because we’ve done so much together we’re kind of numb to that vibe. Equally as cool was doing it [the show] with these Australian drag legends!

And even more so was doing it with Elektra Shock, who is someone that I’ve loved for a long time and she just blossomed like crazy. She’s such a talent and she doesn’t necessarily have the years of buying Swarovski crystal and ostrich feathers, and in that pressure cooker, we really connected.

I guess that made going up against her in the last episode’s lip-sync quite difficult?

For sure. It was just really hard and especially after I had just said her name to go home. I’ve always navigated anything like that with honesty. When that question got asked, I had to answer authentically and I still stand by my answer, but it was very hard having that conversation and then having to lip-sync with her.

All good now?

For sure! I love her so much! To see her get to where she was confirmed for me everything I already knew: that she’s such a star!

Is there anything you would have done differently looking back?

No, I wouldn’t. I don’t have that mindset of wishing I’d done this or that. I truly believe if I get up right now and rip a leaf off a tree, you don’t know if that’s a catalyst for something else. You don’t know what’s the cause and effect of everything in life. Everything is what it is and we are where we are.

Looking online, lots of people are picking you as their hopeful winner. How does that feel?

I’m so grateful, that’s crazy. I couldn’t have imagined it in a million years. I’ve been told enough I have a uniqueness about me – good or bad! I knew I had something in me that was a drive, and I knew I could make it to the end. But to be there and have that support from everyone I could never have imagined. It’s totally overwhelming.

And finally, what would you do as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under?

I would continue to love drag and put that into the universe and keep spreading love.

The finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under airs on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 20 June 2021.

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