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Drag queen sparks outrage after stabbing, kicking and drinking blood from Madeleine McCann doll

By Fabio Crispim

A drag artist has come under fire after a shocking performance which involving a doll of Madeleine McCann,

Steven Irvine was performing as his Gothic drag act Pro Vanity at the Cheerz bar in Aberdeen last Thursday (June 2) when the controversial routine, which promised to reveal “what really happened to Maddie” – took place, The Sun reports.

According to audience members, Irvine crept on stage with the McCann doll wrapped in a shawl as he mimed along to the Nightmare on Elm Street song Freddy’s Coming For You.

Irvine then started stabbing and kicking the doll before drinking fake blood from it.

One audience member recalled afterwards: “For the finale it was dumped on the ground, covered in fake blood and stamped on. People got caught up in it for a start but the mood in the place started to change.”

While the rountine may have offended some in the audience, many reportedly cheered on. Irvine also shared a photo after the performance where he’s covered in the doll’s fake blood, along with the caption “Sorry Maddie”.


A spokesperson for Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann has already slammed the performance, saying: “The offensiveness of this act speaks for itself.”

But Irvine has defended the act, saying: “It’s a drag show. It’s supposed to cause offence. I’ve heard one negative comment but so much praise. I entertained on the night.”

While Irvine has offended McCann’s parents, he says he feels “for the family” and adds that it was “supposed to be extreme and edgy.”

He also took to his Facebook page apologizing to everyone he offended.

“So everyone will probably see me on the paper today. I am sorry to those I have offended,” he wrote. “I did take the performance a little too far (By the way I didn’t have a knife. The bouncers would’ve killed me before the doll).”

He continued: “While on that note of saying sorry, drag is intended to offend, shock, put dark situations in a fantasy setting so people can deal with their own issues. It’s full or errors and lies which is to be expected.”

Madeleine was just three years-old when she was abducted in 2007 from her hotel in Praia da Luz, Portugal. She would would have celebrated her 13th birthday last month.

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