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Did Alexander Skarsgard go full frontal in ‘Big Little Lies’?

By Joshua Haigh

Big Little Lies has been causing quite the splash across the pond since it debuted.

Featuring the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, it’s one of the most star-studded TV shows to hit the small screen in years.

But during last night’s episode, all eyes were on True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard.

During an uncomfortable scene where Nicole Kidman’s character told him that she’s not got time to have sex with him, Alexander’s character suffered an injury after she bashed his, erm, rather sizeable package with a tennis racket.


The results were utterly NSFW, and the shocking scene left fans wondering whether Alexander really did go full frontal or not.

Later in the episode, it turns out that the tennis racket broke his urethra in two places and led to a hospital stay.


One fan tweeted: “Either Alexander Skarsgard has the biggest d**k on earth or they used a rubber hose of some sort on Big Little Lies tonight.”

HBO are yet to confirm whether a prosthetic was used in the scene – but we have a feeling they’re just having fun teasing us. Watch the scene play out in full below and decide for yourself


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