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Dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench’s documentary ‘Tea with the Dames’ DVD release

The new documentary will see the acting legends spill the beans on their careers, marriages and lives

By Steve Brown

British acting legends Dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench star in a documentary about their lives which is set for DVD releases this September.

Notting Hill director Roger Mitchell got the two Dames – as well as Dames Eileen Atkins and Joan Plowright – together for his documentary Tea with the Dames where they spill the beans about their careers, relationships and lives.

For those who have lived under a rock for the last decade, Smtih is a renowned actress who has starred in a number of movies and TV shows including Harry Potter and Downton Abbey.

Dench is probably best known for starring as M in the James Bond franchise – which she speaks about in the new documentary – and recently starred as Queen Victoria in the brilliant Victoria and Abdul.

Atkins has been a staple part of Netflix’s The Crown as well as starring in the original series of Upstairs Downstairs and Plowright – who was married to Laurence Olivier – starred in Tea with Mussolini and alongside Glenn Close in 101 Dalmatians.

Shot in a stunning town house, the four Dames, it appears, spend the entirety of the documentary drinking tea, gossiping and laughing and it looks absolutely brilliant!

Tea with the Dames is released on DVD on September 21.

Watch the trailer for the documentary below: