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‘Coronation Street’ to cast new gay character after fans were left ‘devastated’ by death of lesbian character

The long-running ITV soap killed of Rana on the day she was set to marry fiancee Kate

By Steve Brown

Coronation Street are holding auditions for a new gay character after fans complained about the death of a lesbian character.

Last week, viewers were left distraught when Rana – played by Bhavna Limbachia – was crushed when the factory roof collapsed.

Rana was set to marry her fiancée Kate (Faye Brooks) before she died and the couple managed to exchange vows during the heartbreaking scenes.

The death of Rana on the soap’s first ever same-sex wedding caused outrage with many people claiming the soap was killing the gay characters off.

But now, it appears Corrie bosses have listened to complaints and are looking to cast a new character called Kai who is a rising football star but is not out to his family yet.

A source told The Sun: “Corrie has had strong LGBTQ+ characters for a long time but viewers were left devastated when they killed of Rana before she tied the knot.

“They’re now hunting for a new gay character called Kai and held auditions last week.

“Kai will be a rising football star, who is also black, and he’s worried that being out will cause him issues.”

In some of the new character’s firs scenes, he will come out to his brother Michael after a man knocks at their home looking for him.