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Conchita Wurst tells Attitude: ‘What Bruce Jenner has done for the trans community is amazing’

By Josh Haggis

Conchita Wurst says that Bruce Jenner’s recent interview about transitioning is an important step in terms of equality around the world.

Speaking to Attitude at the London Eurovision Party, Conchita told Attitude that as conservatism spreads throughout Europe, people like Bruce give gay and trans people hope for a better, more accepting world.


“I think it is amazing what Bruce Jenner has done by talking about his transition plans,” she told us. “There is so much going on in terms of equality at the moment. We’re definitely going in a good direction. But at the same time we can’t deny that the conservative power is growing and growing.

“So it’s good to have these voices like Bruce speaking out and going public because people to get hear about it. But there is definitely a strong movement going on at the moment.”

She added: “When I was at the Golden Globes recently, the series Transparent won two awards. And we also have Laverne Cox, one of the most successful trans people, who is doing so well and Rupaul’s Drag Race has made such an impact on the world.”

“It is good for people in the public eye to make these statements so that young gay and trans people feel good about themselves young. I wouldn’t say I was a role model or I offer the guidelines to how people should live their lives. I don’t. But I receive messages from people who are inspired by me and for me that is incredible because at the end of the day I am just me.”

Conchita is also releasing an autobiography later this Month (May). Speaking about her reasons for releasing the book, she added: “The most challenging chapter was the one in which I came out. I came out in a rather unusual way. I came out in an interview when i was 17 – it was quite intense.”

Conchita can be seen again at the Eurovision Contest in Austria, presenting from the green room. And if you’re Eurovision fan, check out our special feature in the magazine in which Euro experts discuss why they think the UK sucks at winning.

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