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Colin Farrell opens up about his first sex scene: ‘I opened my dressing gown and the director gasped’

By Joshua Haigh

Colin Farrell has opened up about filming his first ever sex scene.

The actor starred in Joel Schumacher’s film Tigerland back in 2000, and he became increasingly anxious as his big naked scene began to near.

When the big day finally came, the director was in for a shock when Colin de-robed to make sure he, erm, looked the part.

“I’m doing my first American film, there’s a sex scene in it. I was very nervous it was my first,” he said during an appearance on Ellen this week.

“I went up to the director and I had a dressing gown on with nothing underneath. I opened it up and said: ‘Is it a bit…retro bush?’

“The director said: ‘Ooh’ and so I decided to go and trim it. I went into the makeup department and asked for a beard trimmer. Then I went into the trailer, got a bin and I sat over it and trimmed the right side, but then overshot the mark and did the left too much. At this stage I was sweating.

“I looked down and realised I had a little landing strip. So I didn’t get my full-frontal after all,” he added.

There’s still time, Colin. There’s still time.

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