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Cheddar Gorgeous delivers out of this world lip-sync to David Bowie’s ‘Starman’

The Drag SOS star is giving us an (inter)stellar David Bowie lip-sync in Superdrag Lip-sync, supported by Slingsby.

By Alastair James

Cheddar Gorgeous is clearly feeling the David Bowie fantasy as she delivers and out of this world lip-sync performance of ‘Starman’ for Attitude’s Superdrag Lip-sync, supported by Slingsby.

The Drag SOS arrives in her cosmic setting clad in a metallic space suit before removing her helmet to reveal a Bowie-esque orange wig and contrasting blue make up.

In one final twist, Cheddar gives us her best Sasha Velour as she removes her wig to release a stream of silver confetti.

Cheddar told Attitude about what Pride means for her. “Pride is an opportunity to disrupt the humdrum of life and challenge the normative with a productive explosion of queerness. A reminder that we are stronger together.

“It’s important to maintain the progress that has been made and keep pushing to secure the rights and protections for members of our community that continue to face prejudice.

Unfortunately, the most memorable thing that’s happened to Cheddar at Pride wasn’t positive.

“Walking along the river bank with a partner, I was jeered and harassed by two masked men. As they caught up to us they pulled a knife and threatened to ‘batter us’ if we didn’t give them something. Fortunately, I was able to talk them down and nobody was hurt, but it made me think a lot about the subtle ways that hate and intolerance manifest.

“Whilst I don’t think homophobia or transphobia was the primary motivation for the attack (they were looking to mug someone, they came prepared), the slinging of phrases like ‘what is it?’ (I was wearing a dress) and ‘batty boy’ showed how it featured in their choice of target and the way us being perceived as different from them made it easier to threaten us.

“Even with their masks up I could tell they were just teenagers. It made me realise the importance of education and building connections into communities where homophobia and transphobia still thrive, in the hope of making it clear that we are just people like everyone else.”

Sadly, as Attitude has reported recently, homophobic attacks are still regularly occurring all over the UK with three students in Liverpool being attacked within a week of each other.

As Cheddar says we all need to carry on making connections and educating people on the realities of being LGBTQ in 2021 and remember that Pride is as much about making a statement and standing up for our human rights, as it is about having a celebration of the community.

Also taking part in Superdrag Lip-sync, supported by Slingsby is drag artist Chiyo, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum La La Ri, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK stars Baga Chipz and Asttina Mandella, as well as ShayShay, and Barbs.

Superdrag Lip-sync, supported by Slingsby, is part of Attitude Pride at Home, in association with Klarna, that runs from 17-27 June at, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@attitudemag).

Attitude Pride at Home, in association with Klarna, is to benefit the Attitude Magazine Foundation for LGBT causes – this year supporting ten amazing organisations including AKT, Black Trans Foundation, Curly’s Legacy, Elton John AIDS Foundation, The Food Chain, Kaleidoscope Trust, LGBT Youth Scotland, Mermaids, Stonewall UK and Switchboard LGBT.

Each will receive at least £1000 courtesy of our sponsors Klarna, Bentley, Clifford Chance, Slingsby, Swatch and Taimi and individual supporters.

To donate £5 please text ATHOME5 to 70480 or see our Virgin Money Giving link here. Visit for more details.