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Celine Dion releases new single Ashes for Deadpool 2 movie

The official music video sees Deadpool embracing his inner RuPaul

By Steve Brown

Celine Dion has released a new single Ashes and it’s a belter.

The Canadian singer dropped her newest record today (May 3) as part of the official soundtrack to the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 – which is slated for release this month.

The video sees the My Heart Will Go On hitmaker standing on a stage staring across the empty auditorium as she sings the song – which is going to be a chart-topper for sure.

Ryan Reynolds – who stars as the titular character in the movie – also joins Dion in the video dressed as the Marvel comics character.

Deadpool struts on the stage showing off his tight body and perky bottom and as the camera pans down, he is wearing high heels.

As much as we wish it is Reynolds embracing his inner RuPaul, we cannot say for sure – although the Deadpool costume is definitely complimentary to his hot figure.

When the song reaches its climax, Reynolds is heard calling out to the singer and in usual Deadpool fashion asks her to redo the video as it’s too good.

He says: “This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic.”

To which the multi-Grammy award winner replies her voice cannot go lower than an 11 before storming off the stage.

Deadpool then mutters to himself: “I should have got *NSYNC.”

Watch the video for Ashes below: