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Canadian author hilariously points out every depiction of Noah’s Ark shows two male lions

Anthony Oliveira posted to Twitter the multiple gay male lions in every Noah depiction

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A Canadian author has hilariously pointed out that every modern depiction of Noah’s Ark portrays two male lions and called it ‘queer as heck.

For those who don’t know, in the Biblical tale, Noah was told by God to build an arc to carry two of every animal inside his ship while God floods the world with water – what a lovely God he is.

So Noah called every animal and they came in two-by-two… However, author Anthony Oliveira has pointed out in modern depictions of the Biblical disaster, there is something odd.

Every image, child’s toy, design, picture all show two lions but unlike the other animals on board the ship, these feline creatures both have manes… only male lions have manes.

In a Twitter thread, Oliveira points out that the two male lions is ambiguous to all depictions despite many Christians being against gay couples.

He wrote: “lesbian cows, gay lions, masc-presenting peacock pairs, and herds of unicorns – i think what we’ve learned is that when Christians whine that we “stole the rainbow” from them, we should remind them that their art of the Noah story has always been queer as heck.”