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Boy George says Douglas Booth was ‘too beautiful’ to play him

By Ben Kelly

Boy George admits Douglas Booth was almost too pretty to play him, in the biopic Worried About The Boy.

Speaking to the Metro, George recalls the filming of the BBC drama.

“I went up to Manchester for the shoot,” he says, “and I saw Douglas as me and I said ‘It’s not me – he’s much more beautiful than me.’

“Hang on, what am I talking about? He was so like me it was shocking!”


The Culture Club legend also said that any rumours of a rift between him and fellow coach on The Voice, Paloma Faith, was all just “a storm in a teacup” and that the pair were “just fine” with each other.

Booth, who stars in the current period romp Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, recently spoke to Attitude about his experience playing George, and the advice the music legend gave him.

“He was amazing and supportive throughout it,” he said. “I got cast and then ten minutes later he found me on Facebook and messaged me saying, ‘I hear you’re going to be playing me. Don’t be camp! I’m not camp’. He’s really not as well!”

The Voice continues Saturday nights on BBC One.

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