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Big Brother viewers accuse Joe of ‘homophobia’ after angry clashes with gay housemates

By Will Stroude

It’s all been kicking off in the Big Brother house this week (no change there then), but some viewers of the Channel 5 reality series have questioned whether the reason behind a recent series of clashes between housemates Joe, Andrew and Raph could be something more sinister than simply whose turn it is to wash the dishes.

After Monday night’s show saw another explosive confrontation between Joe and Andrew – which started after Joe spoke aggressively to housemate Raph during a game of spin the bottle – several viewers took to Twitter to question whether the Joe’s issues with the pair stem from the fact they are both openly gay.

Scottish hairdresser Andrew told Joe following his comments to Raph: “You are abrupt for no entire reason”.

After approaching Andrew, Joe angrily responded: “Keep out of my conversations, because I will not have f*** all to do with your conversations.”

As Joe walked away form the encounter, Andrew shouted after him: “Grow up. Please grow up my son. Grow up my darling boy.”

Joe was then restrained by housemates as he marches back towards Andrew while going on an expletive-laiden rant, which ended when he was taken back inside by fellow housemate Tom.

Speaking  to Big Brother about Andrew in the Diary Room later, Joe said: “Why does he have to carry on and get a reaction out of me? I didn’t do nothing wrong. I’m not bringing no fists into it, not making it personal…”

Meanwhile, back in the smoking area, Andrew told some of his fellow housemates: “If I have an opinion I won’t express it in an aggressive or angry way, I’ll state it as a fact.

“The way he spoke to Raph tonight did not sit well with me. I will never argue but I will state a fact in the most honest and nice way I can.”

While Andrew and Raph’s sexuality hasn’t been mentioned during Joe’s repeated bust-ups with the pair, some viewers took to Twitter to question why the London club-owner has only appeared to take issue with the two gay housemates during his time on the show.

“Joe doesn’t like the gay lads, does he ? Totally aggressive for no reason to poor Andrew and he does it to Raph too,” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

Another added: “Joe is blatantly homophobic … always seems to have an issue with the only 2 openly gay housemates for no reason”.

Others accused the 55-year-old of only respecting other straight men in the house.

“Joe has been sexist throughout this series,” one viewer wrote. “He’s not interested in anything but what the “lads” say. i.e. not the women or gay guys”

Some viewers weren’t convinced, however, accusing Andrew and Raph of intentionally goading Joe.

“How pathetic joe is not homophobic at all raph n Andrew are very annoying that’s standard!! #little boys,” wrote one viewer.

Another added: “All I saw was Raph and Andrew goading Joe, yet people are calling Joe a bully and homophobic for sticking up for himself”

What do you think? Is there more to Joe’s issues with Andrew and Raph than meets the eye?

Either way, you can keep up with all the latest action from the house when Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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