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Bette Midler slams Hollywood for being ageist towards women

The star revealed she was irritated not to be asked to return to the Hocus Pocus remake

By Steve Brown

Bette Midler has slammed Hollywood for its ageist and sexist attitude to women.

The iconic singer and actress has starred in a number of hit movies including The First Wives Club, Beaches and of course, Disney’s Hocus Pocus – plus she steals the show in her new movie Freak Show which is out today (June 22).

However, news has began circulating about a remake of the 1993 hit Halloween favourite – which also starred Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Njamy – and although all the original stars, who played the Sanderson witches, are all up for returning to their iconic roles, the studio has decided to cast younger stars.

And Midler, whose performance as Winifred Sanderson is iconic, admitted there will never be a sequel with the original cast because she believes there is a “vendetta” against women in Hollywood.

In an exclusive interview in Attitude’s July issue, Midler says: “It’s so strange. It wasn’t a big hit when it came out, but it has certainly made its money back since.

“They play it monthly, it’s huge. It doesn’t matter how many signals you send, they will not budge, but they are going to remake it with some younger people. I want to see that.

“It’s beyond irritating. It’s unfair. The same is true of The First Wives Club. It’s almost as if there’s a vendetta.

“You can’t have those kind of hits and not wonder why they don’t pick you up. They pick the men up.”

Midler’s new film Freak Show is out now. Watch the trailer below:

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