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Ben Affleck on Henry Cavill: “That was when we slept together”

By Fabio Crispim

Batman and Superman joined forces on the 19th season premier of The Graham Norton Show.

Affleck and Cavill, who played Batman and Superman respectively, sat between Amy Adams who played Lois Lane in Batman V Superman.

Affleck, on the show, states that he met Christian Bale in a costume shop L.A and Bale gave him some advice telling him to “make sure they put a zipper on the Bat-suit.”

The three stars then used a microphone to do The Batman Voice with some hilarious results. Cavill, doing the Batman Voice says “I’m secretly in love with Batman.”

Norton, talking to Affleck about seeing Cavill on set says: “You must be kind of like, ‘his arms aren’t THAT big!”

And Affleck quickly replies with, “That was when we slept together.”

We can dream, can’t we?

You can catch the episode on BBC iPlayer.