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‘Batwoman’ showrunner says it’s ‘intimidating’ bringing the LGBTQ superhero to TV

Ruby Rose is currently portraying the DC Comic Book character in her own standalone series

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

The Batwoman showrunner says it’s ‘really intimidating’ to bring the LGBTQ superhero to TV.

Earlier this year, Ruby Rose – who identifies as gender-fluid – revealed last year that she was taken on the role of the iconic DC Comic book character and her alter-ego Kathy Kane – who was introduced in a crossover episode of The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl.

Now, as the character’s standalone series is underway, the showrunner Caroline Dries said she was full of ‘excitement and pride’ to be able to voice one of the first out LGBTQ superhero characters.

While speaking to Insider, Dries said: “It’s really intimidating. I think of it as sort of two emotions, excitement and pride, to be able to be one of the voices that get to bring a character like this into our living rooms at the forefront of a TV show, as the lead character.

“She’s so interesting and dynamic and fun. That’s just such a privilege. Part of me, as a fan, feels, I guess the word would be wistful, as I think about my teenage self-watching TV and sort of craving something that I couldn’t put my finger on.

“It was this exact story that I didn’t have access to growing up as a kid. I’m almost nostalgic and sad for my 15-year-old self that the show didn’t exist.”

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New batwoman pics were released at TCAs… man.. the feels are real. 🦇🦇🦇

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Batwoman first appeared in the DC Comics universe as a romantic interest for Batman.

But since 2006 she has been openly gay when she was reintroduced in the comics as a lesbian of Jewish decent.

When the Orange is the New Black star was announced as playing the popular DC Comics character, Rose faced backlash but Dries has defended the actresses and said her ‘uniqueness’ makes her perfect for the role.

Dries continued: “Ruby has a uniqueness to her where, because of her hair and tattoos and style, she comes off as very edgy, which is great because it really makes her seem tough.

“But she is incredibly caring and vulnerable and empathetic, which gives her the depth of humanity that we need for a character like Kate, who is good and cares about strangers and is eager to fall in love.

“All of these kinds of things that Ruby brings to it just helps enhance Kate and makes Kate a three-dimensional character.

“A lot of times in the comic-book world, not just TV shows but in comic-book movies, the women, it’s just this slow development of really getting to know the female characters with any dimension.

“Only in the last five years or so have they really started to pop as 3D characters.”

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A new hero emerges. @cwbatwoman is coming soon to The CW! #Batwoman

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