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Batman reveals more than his secret identity in first issue of ‘Batman: Damned’

The Caped Crusader's manhood is revealed in the new comic book

By Steve Brown

After 79 long years, we can finally see what Batman is packing underneath his utility belt.

In the first issue of ‘Batman: Damned’ – a limited series from writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermej – the [Un]Caped Crusader aka Bruce Wayne is trying to discover who killed The Joker.

And in a series of panels, Wayne disrobes and his whole body is exposed… and we mean his whole body. Genitals and all.

The full frontal can only be seen in the print version of the issue as the digital version has been altered so his manhood is obscured by shadow, but don’t worry, we have the pictures for you!

Now, we don’t know whether Christian Bale, Ben Affleck or any of the other former ‘Batmen’ modelled for the issue but one can only hope!

DC is known for being darker than comic rivals Marvel but Marvel recently out-did themselves with a sex scene involving Pyro and Iceman.