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Azealia Banks denies her remaining fanbase consists of ‘sloppy bottoms’

The 'Anna Wintour' singer has broken down the exact demographics.

By Will Stroude

Despite her repeated homophobic and occasionally racist outbursts, Azealia Banks has somehow managed to retain a notable gay fanbase – and it seems the ‘212’ singer has a pretty good idea of exactly who they are.

The eternally-problematic musician, whose once promising career has been marred in controversy owing to her use of racist and homophobic language, launched a renewed assault on the charts last week with her latest single ‘Anna Wintour’.

The ode to Vogue’s infamous Editor-in-Chief is the third cut to be lifted from Banks’ upcoming LP Fantasea II: The Second Wave, and the singer celebrated the track’s release on Instagram with a fairly graphic picture of a Kermit the Frog puppet bending over and spreading its, erm, cheeks?

Banks captioned the image “When Anna Wintour calls to say she loves ‘Anna Wintour'”, but after an enthusastic fan commented underneath praising the singer for being aware of her “sloppy bottom” fanbase, the 26-year-old was quick to correct them.


When Anna Wintour calls to say she loves “Anna Wintour”

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In reply, Banks wrote: “my fanbase is not sloppy bottoms. It’s twinks, butch queens, power bottoms and a few tops.”

The breakdown of her fanbase’s last surviving members only got more specific from there.

According to Banks, her fandom is “45% twinks”, “25% butch queens”, “25% power bottoms” and “5% tops”.

Not a sloppy bottom in sight then. Thanks for the update Azealia, we guess?