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Attitude’s Bachelor of the Day: Simon Dunn

By Will Stroude

Attitude’s Bachelors of Year 2017 is brought to you in association with Blued.Simon DunnAttitude Bachelors of the Year position: #52

Bulgetastic Australian bobledder Simon Dunn has officially retired from the sport, which means he’s going to have to find something else to slide on or… down. Ahem.

Could that be you? Based on his jaw-dropping shoots for Attitude in the past, we’d certainly hope so. He’s just moved to London too, so on your marks, get set… phwoar!

You recently relocated to London – what was behind the move?

Living in London has always been a dream of mine and now that I’ve retired from Bobsleigh it has become possible. Beyond that I’d like to continue my advocacy and promotion of LGBT athletes, the UK gives me a much bigger platform to do so.

Does this mean your sporting days are behind you?

I think I’ll always be involved with sport one way or another. Right now I’m looking to play amateur rugby with the Kings Cross Steelers. I’d fallen out of love with sport and I’m hoping getting back to rugby will rekindle that passion. As for bobsleigh, its behind me for now but you never really know what the future holds.

You recently hit the headlines after explicit images of yourself ended up online. How are you feeling about it now?

It’s a weird situation because its not something I’m overly embarrassed about just more so for my mother having to see articles about it. I’m obviously someone whos not ashamed of their body, I guess the only upsetting part was that it wasn’t on my terms and someone broke my trust.

What was going through your mind when you first found out about it? Do you have any regrets?

It’s a weird thing seeing yourself naked online. Deep down I always knew that if I was sending them to guys this might eventually have happened. I had a lot of people ask me why I’d include my face, but when you have three large tattoos around that area you might as well make sure you look amazing in case they do leak.

Do you have any idea how they could have ended up online?

That’s a long list.

What would you say to anyone who saw the images – and also to anyone else who finds themself in a similar situation?

To anyone who saw them, I’m sorry if this changed your perception of me. I’m like most gay men and at the end of the day human. For anyone in a similar situation, just own it. The support I’ve had has been amazing.

How long have you been a bachelor?

I’ve been single for roughly five years now. I’m really picky with who I date – and on top of that I’ve been living in rural Canada for almost four years. With bobsleigh, training and working full time, it makes it extremely hard to find a partner.

How was your coming out experience?

Coming out for me took several years. The first person I told was when I was 13, and slowly over the years I told more and more people. I was fully out by the time I was 16. My rugby team took it badly, to the point I ended up quitting the sport. My mother also took it pretty badly as well. I ended up moving to Sydney when I was 18, and it took several years for me both to get back into sport and also to build a relationship with my mother.

What are the top three qualities you look for in a man?

My top three qualities I look for in a man would be, honesty, sense of humour and a love for rugby (or at least willing to come watch my games!)

Best date you’ve ever been on?

As I’m not much of a date, I’ve never really been on any dates that really stand out. Perhaps that’s why I’m still single?

…and the worst?

I remember one date I was on whilst in Canada. At the time I was on the Australian bobsleigh team so my life was literally 24/7 sports. The guy says to me ;I actually don’t really like sport at all, I kind of hate it;, I looked at him curiously and said ‘you know what I do right!’. That was the last date I had with him.

What’s your favourite part of a man’s body?

I definitely have a thing for eyes, if you have nice eyes its pretty much a signed deal.

Biggest deal-breaker?

Rudeness or speaking down to people. When someone speaks down to anyone I see it as them thinking they’re above them in one way or another. No one is ever in a position to be rude to a stranger – or even someone they know for that matter.

Do you have an *ahem* ‘three date rule’?

Not at all. Three dates is a lot to invest in someone if you don’t click sexually. I’m more of a ‘have sex first and decide if we should go on a date afterwards’ kind of guy!

Who’s your celebrity crush?

No one really stands out at the moment, plus all the gay celebrities seem to be pairing up! Perhaps get back to me once your Bachelors list has come out.

What’s your hidden talent?

I don’t really have any hidden talents! I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

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