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Attitude’s Bachelor of the Day: James Barr

By Ross Semple

Attitude’s Bachelors of Year 2017 is brought to you in association with Blued.James BarrBachelor of the Year position: #86

James Barr is a DJ and radio presenter at Heat Radio, where he fulfils every gay man’s dream by interviewing icons such as Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan, Natalie Dormer and Jess Glynne. He’s even been known to grace the Attitude Awards with his presence and playing at after-parties — as he’ll be doing at our party for Bachelors of the Year. Hey, Mr DJ…

James talks about the time he offended Jess Glynne and awkward Tinder encounters …

You spend your days chatting to celebs on the radio and MTV – what’s the most embarrassing/awkward thing you’ve had happen on air?

Wow straight in there?! Haha. I was pretty embarrassed when I accidentally offended Jess Glynne by my awkward compliment on the Brits 2015 red carpet, she looked liked a giant green quality street. I once swan dived off a desk in front of Cheryl. She looked terrified.

How did you first get into presenting?

Even as a kid I always wanted to make people happy. Comedy, radio and television presenting were always my ambition from as early as I can remember. I used to hide in a cardboard box pretending I was on television with my little sister. Mum would try to change the channel.

You also have a new podcast called A Gay and a Non-Gay – what’s the idea behind it?

It’s two very unlikely friends, taking on the world. My girl mat’es non-gay boyfriend Dan and I chat about stuff no one else is talking about including non-gay perceptions of gay people (and gay perceptions of non-gay people), gay sex and the challenge of getting your douche through airport security. We originally hated the title, with Dan complaining that the term ‘non-gay’ was offensive. You can listen/subscribe in iTunes or at We recently hit number one in the Sexuality Chart and I’m so happy.

How long have you been a bachelor?

Forever. I recently visited the Queer British Art Exhibition at the Tate with my Mum, her only complaint  was “Why have you bought me along you should’ve come alone and met a nice man”. My own mother, a cock block. Michael Buble’s ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ is my jam.

What was your coming out experience like?

I was 15 when I came out. First I told my recent ex-girlfriend, I felt like Sammy had to know first. She took it well, we hadn’t got passed the holding hands stage anyway; it probably wasn’t much of a surprise. I started to tell friends after that, once school had finished, and then I emailed my sister who was on a gap year. I made my sister tell my Mum. What a cop out. I’ve been chatting some more about my coming out in a forthcoming BBC THREE documentary that you can look out for in July.

What are the top three qualities you look for in a man?

Fun, strong minded with a cute (and definitely naughty) smile

Best date you’ve ever been on?

I had a first date in New York, that was pretty special – on the most part because I didn’t have to worry about ‘forever’. Oh to be lost and lustful.

…and the worst?

There was a guy that looked NOTHING like his Tinder pictures. I think he may have actually eaten that guy.

What’s your favourite part of a man’s body?

Eyes. Then chest, but I could also fall in love with someone if they have manly hands.

Biggest deal-breaker?

You must love Britney.

Do you have an *ahem* ‘three date rule’?

Yes and no but it’s on a case by case basis 😉

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Olly Alexander. I’m so attracted to his adoring honesty on mental health. He’s beautiful, mega talented, and a true LGBTQ+ hero of our time. 😍. Play it cool James, play it cool.

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