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Attitude’s Bachelor of the Day: Former Mr Gay Scotland Jamie Love

By Will Stroude

Attitude’s Bachelors of Year 2017 is brought to you in association with Blued.Jamie LoveBachelor of the Year position: #55

Former Mr Gay Scotland Jamie Love is now a leading digital marketer based in London. He manages the digital marketing for numerous brands for a nationwide fitness company. With multiple entrepreneurial triumphs under his belt, a public profile, worldly experience and strong passion to succeed, there is no stopping him. And with a bod like that, who’d want to?

In his chat with Attitude, Jamie dishes on his ideal man, celebrity crushes, and his hatred of cockiness …

How long have you been a bachelor?

Nearly two years now! I do get told that I look intimidating or scary which I think is ridiculous! Just because my quiff is larger than life doesn’t mean my ego is too! I took a break from men for quite a long time after my last relationship. When you have a relationship that changes your world it takes a little time to heal and be alright again.

I just want to be part of your symphony ❤️

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What was your coming out experience like?

The first person I came out to was my first boyfriend! After meeting him, I found the confidence to confide in my close friends and finally my family. It was my parents I was most scared about telling, not because they may have found it hard to accept, but more because of the risk that they could have seen me differently, which would have affected me. No one wants to be judged by their family and I was lucky enough that my family supported me and still supports me 100% today. However, my mum does sometime question my choice of pictures on Instagram!

What are the top three qualities you look for in a man?

I’ve been told I’m very picky when it comes to choosing a man! For me, they need to tick three boxes:

– Career: like myself, I need someone who is career orientated and is really ambitious – not chained to the desk but dedicated. My work schedule can be pretty hectic so I’d like someone who understands that and can relate.

– Lifestyle – I live a pretty wild and colourful lifestyle; with regular travel and having as much fun as possible, so would love if my future partner does the same.

– Family & Friends – to quote the Spice Girls, “If you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my friends”… and it’s so true! My family and friends are my number one priority, so if my partner doesn’t build a relationship with them, as well as me, it’s definitely not going to work!

Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I’m living in.

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Best date you’ve ever been on?

I think the best dates are always the simplest ones, the ones where you can be yourself and really connect with someone. I did the crazy movie-like dates that whisk you off your feet and leave you feeling dizzy but unfortunately those are the dates that I struggle to really see who someone is.

I would say that the best was probably quite a recent one. I met someone for drinks, had a really cute walk along the river, went to my favourite cocktail bar and ended the evening with amazing red wine in front of a fireplace. Simple yet beautiful.

…and the worst?

I absolutely hate when guys think ‘they’ve worked me out’ and talk down to me. On this particular date he did both and about 30 minutes in, the guy started listing the days and times of the week he would be requiring company, like I was part of a work rota. He seemed shocked when I burst out laughing. Surprisingly that was the one and only date with him!

What’s your favourite part of a man’s body?

Would probably have to say smile – a great one really can cause knees to shake.

Biggest deal-breaker? 

  1. Cockiness (confidence is great but when it crosses over to arrogance, I’m out)
  2. Humourless – I’m cheeky and fun and I like the same
  3. Dishonest – I prefer ugly truths than pretty lies
  4. Lazy – I’m not a “just come over” kind of guy, I like doing nice, well-planned things

Do you have an *ahem* ‘three date rule’?

The answer to this should be of course I do! However, I don’t like thinking it’s only happening because it’s society is telling me to have sex. It shouldn’t be about rules and timing but more when you feel you want to. Whether it’s an hour or a year it just needs to feel right.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending @attitudemag Bachelors of 2017 can’t wait! 🙈 #AttitudeBachelors

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Who’s your celebrity crush?

It varies dependent on the day really; top of the list is definitely Channing Tatum. That being said, I do also like a sexy geek… like Superman! The sort of innocent and intelligent look is a real winner for me.

What’s your hidden talent? 

Well, I think that’s more something to find out than to blurt out on here. However, I’m sure it’s well known what to expect from the more innocent looking ones!

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