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Andrew Scott ‘actively’ rejected his Catholic upbringing

The Sherlock star is more interested in the ideas of spirituality and mindfulness

By Steve Brown

Andrew Scott “actively” rejects his Catholic upbringing.

The Sherlock actor – who is openly gay – was brought up in a Catholic home in Ireland but admitted he now feels more interested in ideas of “spirituality and mindfulness” and although he rejects his upbringing, he says it’s not in a negative way.

When asked by The Guardian, ‘Does it [Catholicism] still hold anything for you?’, Scott said: “No it doesn’t.

“I hid away from it before, but now I feel like I actively reject my upbringing.

“Not in an angry way – I don’t feel angry any more. A lot of my family and friends do still believe and you’ve got to exist with that.

“But over the past five years, I’ve been really interested in the idea of spirituality and mindfulness – just being here.

“I do find it troubling, being on a train and looking round and everyone is on their phones.

“We can be addicted to not being here, to always being somewhere else. Having all this information is so new; you realise, ‘God, I actually can’t sit still’.

“Just to be there and not to be looking for a little high all the time… That will define our age.”