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Andrew Rannells: ‘There’s been straight sex on TV for decades, it’s our turn’

By Josh Haggis


actor Andrew Rannells has shot down critics of gay sex scenes on television.

Last month (January), comedian Billy Crystal argued that the media’s portrayal of gay sex scenes is becoming ” a little too much” for him, going on to say that he doesn’t want it “shoved” in his face. Find out more here.


In a new interview, Rannell’s has argued that after seeing straight sex portrayed on television for decades, it’s time gay sex “has a turn”.

“It seems like if you did the math, [gay sex] is still the tiniest fraction of sex seen on television,” he told ATVfest. “So, it bothers me. I don’t feel like we’ve saturated the market with explicit gay scenes.”

“We’re talking about a couple of very specific story-related incidents. We’ve also been watching a lot of heterosexual sex for decades, so it’s nice to finally have a turn,” he added.

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