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All Stars’ Trinity defends Eureka as trolls twist the narrative: ‘Leave her the f*** alone’

The queen said close friend Eureka was "boyfriend and husband material" in latest episode of show.

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: WoW/Instagram/@trinitykbonet

Warning: Major spoilers following for the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6.

Eureka may have voted to send (spoiler alert) Trinity K. Bone’t home on the latest episode of All Stars 6.

But it seems the pair’s special friendship is decidedly intact, whatever trolls currently targeting Eureka with abuse and blaming her for TKB’s exit may believe.

Trinity took to Instagram to address the matter last night, telling fans to leave her “bae” and challenge winner Eureka “the f*** alone.”

“This girl worked her ass off”

Sharing a picture of the pair on Instagram, Trinity said in a caption: “All that getting on her page and reading over a punk ass tv show is childish and y’all wayyyy to invested!!!! [sic] Like it’s creepy!

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A post shared by Trinity K Bone’t (@trinitykbonet)

“This girl worked her ass off!!! My bae is not a size 10 ok! If I was in pain doin these challenges am legs killing me I could only imagine what she was goin tho and NEVER complained!!! Well maybe alil but she big she can do that! I don’t care how you cut it she was never bad at all! Damn near always on top..y’all just have programed it in your minds that if your fav isn’t doin well noone else can!! Again CREEPY!!!!!”

The star continued: “And yes the game within a game fucked me up! But hey had I been just a bit better things would be abit different maybe! Either way y’all the TKB IS good over here I promise!!!! Now I’m goin to assume none of my REAL TWINKLES are doin this! Cause we know better! We don’t lose we just didn’t get crowned! So I’m askin nice for now! LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE! I love y’all for free! Happy birthday bae!”

In last night’s All Stars, Eureka referred to Trinity as her “husband”, adding in the werkroom: “Even though I know it’s, like, jokingly or whatever, the flirty, cute attention you give me is actually really special and important to me.

“Because I don’t get a lot of that attention out of drag. And I know it’s for fun. But it’s meant to me more than you know.”

“You back,” Trinity replied, adding: “You are a very sweet individual, a really nice person. You are husband/boyfriend material.”

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