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21 questions with ‘All Stars 5’ superstar Shea Couleé

"My dating app bio? 'Before I let you walk, you better show me how you crawl'."

By Thomas Stichbury

This article first appeared in Attitude issue 313, September 2019

RuPaul fan favourite Shea Couleé fell at the last hurdle on her season – damn Sasha Velour and her bloomin’ rose petals! – but she is back to slay on ‘All Stars 5’.

The Chicago queen certainly has some unfinished business and we’re not just talking about snatching that crown. Turns out she never did find those espadrilles!

What were your rejected drag names?

Shea Couleé was my first choice. The moment I said it out loud, I just knew it was dripping with star power.

Describe your drag style in five words.

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Black. Bitch.

Worst pick-up line someone has said to you?

“Where do I know you from?” To which I replied, “I’m not in your head, I don’t know the answer.”

What’s the worst thing someone could say to you in bed?

“Donald Trump.”

How would (or does) your Grindr profile read?

Before I let you walk, you better show me how you crawl.

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I would like a one-way ticket to Chromatica please 🎫 Hair by @edwardsizzahands 🖤 Nails by @bbygirlnails 🎾

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Biggest turn-on?

Confidence and authenticity.

And turn-off?


What would a film of your life be called?

Miss Couleé If You’re Nasty. It would star Ashton Sanders.

What’s your life motto?

Do I look upset to you?

What’s your spirit animal?

A tamagotchi. I require a lot of care.

What cocktail best suits your personality?

Patrón Silver on the rocks.

What would your own fragrance be called?

Touché by Shea Couleé .

What makes you smile?


What makes you angry?


What is your biggest vice?


Your house is on fire. Who set it alight, and what one possession would you save?

Probably me, because of all of my candles. I would save the ring my dad received when he graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1975.

You’ve been given 24 hours to live. How do you spend your day?

Taking hallucinogenic drugs. Go out on the ultimate high.

You’re dead (sorry). What does it say on your gravestone?

Herein lies the baddest bitch of the game. She’d still be here slaying you hoes, but she got caught slippin’, so you’re welcome.

Which drag sister would you haunt after death?

Farrah Moan. She’d love that shit.

What does heaven look like?

San Junipero.

And hell?

The workroom in Drag Race.

You can travel back in time. Where would you go?

Harlem in the Twenties.

What is the most bougie item in your wardrobe?

My Gucci fanny pack.

And the most banji?

My Gucci fanny pack.

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Are you there God? It’s me: A Woman. Photo: @jack.alfie Eyes & Lips: @hudabeauty Earrings: @ampedaccessories

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What is your best piece of fashion advice?

Have fun and trust what works for you.

What is the biggest crime you’ve committed against fashion?

Never finding those damn espadrilles!

Which of your drag sisters would you most like to give a makeover?

I’d love to play around with Bob the Drag Queen.

What’s the best thing about British men?

Their style, especially the queer ones. I enjoy looking at their clothes — on and off!

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5′ premieres in the US today (5 June) on VH1 and is due to air in the UK on Netflix on 13 June.