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Drag Race UK vs The World’s Tia Kofi wants a ‘Pork Chop season’ for eliminated queens

Exclusive: The British queen has also commented on going from being 'Baroness Basic' to being in the top four

By Alastair James

Tia Kofi in Drag Race UK vs The World series 2
Tia Kofi in Drag Race UK vs The World series 2 (Image: World of Wonder/BBC)

Ahead of the grand final of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World series two, Tia Kofi has shared where she wants the franchise to go next.

Tia will face Marina Summers, La Grande Dame, and Hannah Conda in the grand final on Friday (29 March).

Speaking exclusively to Attitude alongside Hannah on Thursday (28 March) Tia was asked about the series’ most shocking elimination. After Hannah said Mayhem Miller’s Tia added: “It has made me want and desire a first eliminated season, like, a Pork Chop season.” Pork Chop was the first-ever eliminated queen from the first season of Drag Race. “Now Mayhem could be on a Pork Chop season,” Tia continued. “She’s gonna win.”

“It’s a gag isn’t it?”

After a raucous laugh from Hannah Tia asked: “Am I the villain?” referencing Scarlet Envy’s infamous meme. Hannah then jibed: “Fourth time’s a charm.” Drag Race UK vs The World marked Mayhem’s third time competing after season 10 and All Stars 5. Speaking to Attitude in January after being ru-vealed as part of the cast Mayhem said: “Any time is a charm when it’s me involved. But I’m hoping that this one is a good one. I don’t foresee it being bad…”

Tia also commented on her journey after being rated as ‘Baroness Basic’ in Drag Race UK series two.

“It’s a gag isn’t it?” she said. “Going from Baroness Basic to potentially being Queen of the Mother-Tucking World is a journey that no one saw coming, but I did in my heart. I had a little bit of self-belief that was a tiny little acorn and it’s starting to grow. It’s not an oak tree yet, but I would love to have that kind of self-belief. But I think maybe that’s something that is not in my destiny. I’ll just believe in myself this amount and love that. I’m ok with that.”

The final of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World series two airs on BBC Three and the BBC iPlayer on Friday 29 March at 9pm.