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Daniel Franzese joins calls for Looking reboot: ‘We’re all pushing on that’

"Get with it HBO"

By Alastair James

Daniel Franzese as Eddie in Looking
Daniel Franzese as Eddie in Looking (Image: HBO)

One of the stars of Looking, Daniel Franzese, has joined calls for a reboot of the HBO series.

The actor, who played Eddie and is also known for his iconic role as Damien in 2004’s Mean Girls, spoke to Attitude at RuPaul’s DragCon UK on Saturday (13 January).

Noting that 2024 marks 10 years since Looking debuted (the first episode aired on 19 January 2014) Franzese commented on hopes for a reboot. “We’re all pushing on that,” he told us.

“We love each other,” he continued. “It’s an amazing group of people. Everybody on that show was an actor’s actor. We love to rehearse. We love to talk about our characters and plot points and really work on the project.

“If they ever wanted to do another movie, I’m pretty sure all of us would be down.”

The actor shared that he and Looking co-star Frankie J. Alvarez, who played Agustín, had recently seen Jonathan Groff, who played Patrick, on Broadway in Merrily We Roll Along. The three appear to have discussed Looking then.

“We all talked about it,” Franzese said. “We would love to do something again. Who knows? Murray Bartlett now is really huge. Everyone’s doing great. So, it’s a great time to get us all together. I think most of us are free once Jonathan’s out of that show. So get with it HBO.”

Franzese’s remarks follow those of Russell Tovey, who played Kevin. He told Attitude last October he had “begged” Looking creator Andrew Haigh to bring the show back. “He didn’t seem completely closed off to it so who knows?” said Tovey who then added: “I would jump at the chance.” Tovey also said now would be a “perfect” time to bring Looking back.

Looking aired between 2014 and 2016 and centered on three gay men in San Francisco. It was cancelled after two seasons but wrapped up with a film.