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Chucky producer shares major relationship development for gay couple Jake and Devon

"They are deeply in love," says producer Jonathan Hedlund of Chucky's lead characters

By Jamie Tabberer

Resident gay couple on Chucky, Jake and Devon, and the killer doll himself (Images: Syfy)
Resident gay couple on Chucky, Jake and Devon, and the killer doll himself (Images: Syfy)

The producer of the Chucky TV show has teased the storyline for the show’s adorable gay couple Jake and Devon.

Jonathan Hedlund teased the plot points, overseen by veteran Chucky screenwriter Don Mancini, in a recent interview with SFX.

The third season of Chucky – a spin-off of the iconic 1988 movie Child’s Play, which was followed by seven films – returns to TV screens tomorrow.

“The writers […] handle that storyline very delicately” – Chucky producer Jonathan Hedlund

“They’re late teens, and they’ve been together for a while and they are deeply in love,” Hedlund told the publication. “So that will naturally trend into taking things to the next level physically.”

“Don crafted a way with the writers to handle that storyline very delicately, and make it feel very emotional and not exploitative at all,” Hedlund furthermore continued.

Mancini, who is gay, has spoken in the past of writing his own lived experiences, including homophobia he has experienced, into the Chucky TV show.

Mancini has also directed three Chucky films: 2004’s Seed of Chucky, 2013’s Curse of Chucky and 2017’s Cult of Chucky.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hedlund teased a Halloween-themed episode.

“True to form in the last two seasons – because we’re kind of a Halloween show – there is a Halloween party in episode four that I think tops what we’ve seen previously,” he said. “Hopefully, we’ll put everybody in the right kind of Halloween spirit. It certainly has a high body count…”

Chucky returns tomorrow, Wednesday 4 October.