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Big Boys: Channel 4 drops first trailer for upcoming series

"Family, it eventually becomes the people you choose and who choose you back"

By Alastair James

Big Boys
Dylan wears jacket by Mother Denim, and T-shirt by Uniqlo. Jon wears tank top by Ahluwalia and jacket by Vivienne Westwood at Selfridges (Image: Massimiliano Giorgeschi)

We’re all set to return for another year at Brent University, with Jack, Danny, and co. Channel 4 has just dropped the first trailer for the upcoming second series of Big Boys and it’s going to be full of laughs!

The trailer dropped on Thursday (21 December) and sees a cast of familiar faces as well as some newbies going through the trials and tribulations of uni life.

Fresh from coming out to his mum, Jack (Dylan Llewellyn) is asked by Corinne (Izuka Hoyle) “What are you doing trying to have sex at your dead Dad’s sixtieth?” Jack insists, “I wasn’t,” but we think that maybe he was.

“I think I need a tactical chunder”

Elsewhere Cousin Shannon (Harriet Webb) struggles with naming her unborn child. What we do learn is that it won’t be named after Cheryl Fernandez-Versini because, as Shannon puts it, “I can’t be dealing with that.”

Series 2 of the popular Channel 4 series will be set in 2014 and its references like the above that plant us firmly in that not-so-distant period.

Jack also struggles with being attracted to straight men, including his journalism lecturer. Touchingly, Danny (Jon Pointing) can be heard saying “Family, it eventually becomes the people you choose and who choose you back,” as we see the gang party on. Right at the end Jack says some familiar to many words, “I think I need a tactical chunder.” Ooph! That takes us right back to freshers week!

We have yet to get a confirmed release date for the new series but we’re promised it early in January 2024.

“I’d like there to be a bit of representation for the sides in the gay male community” – Big Boys‘ creator Jack Rooke

Earlier this month Big Boys‘ stars, Llewellyn and Pointing, appeared on the cover of Attitude’s January/February issue.

Speaking to us alongside Big Boys creator, Jack Rooke, the actors discussed the upcoming season as well as handling themes of grief and growing up.

The trio also touched on the more intimate content, with Rooke raising the subject of the show’s absence of anal sex.

“Most times you watch a gay film, by, like, the 45th minute, someone’s been fucked up the bum. And no one, so far in Big Boys, has been fucked up the bum yet, and we’ve done two whole seasons,” said Rooke.

After it was pointed out that there had been a dream sequence in the first series Rooke continued: “There’s something I quite like about that. Because so much precedence is put on this act of the first time you get penetratively fucked. That’s also a realistic part of some people’s experience.

“I’d like there to be a bit of representation for the sides in the gay male community, for people who aren’t necessarily all about the direct art of fucking, but the other bits around it.”

Big Boys series 2 will air early in 2024.