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Annette Bening slams ‘fear and ignorance’ of trans people and speaks of ‘pride’ in son who is trans

“He’s managed something that’s very challenging with great style and great intelligence"

By Jamie Tabberer

Annette Bening in Nyad (Image: Netflix)
Annette Bening in Nyad (Image: Netflix)

Nyad star Annette Bening has passionately defended the trans community in an appearance on The View.

During her interview on the US talk show on Saturday [13 January 2024], the actor also spoke of her pride in son Stephen Ira, who is trans.

Stephen, 32, has identified as trans since the age of 14, according to reports.

“Fear and ignorance is being stoked against trans people” – Annette Bening

“As time has gone on, especially now with what’s happening, unfortunately in the political process, trans people are being used, fear and ignorance is being stoked against trans people in the most frightening way,” said Annette.

“It’s so unfair and I feel very, very strongly about it.”

The star furthermore added: “I am a Democrat — we need a strong Republican party. We need a strong opposition, but we don’t need people to stoke up fear.”

Annette added of Stephen: “At the beginning, I felt very protective of his privacy because he’s the son of these two famous people.”

Stephen’s father is actor Warren Beatty, husband of Annette.

“I felt it was his right to say what he wanted to say publicly or not,” Annette added.

The 61-year-old also spoke of her hope that those listening connect with trans people in their everyday lives. “There might be someone that they don’t know, who works at the grocery store or their doctor or their teacher. […] Someone in their lives who is just like they are, that happen to be trans.

“If you’re even luckier, you have someone in your family, because then you really do understand that we don’t have to judge. We have to love and understand.”

Annette is widely tipped to be nominated for an Oscar next month, for her role as long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad in Netflix biopic Nyad.

Annette’s other screen roles include American Beauty and Death on the Nile.