16-year-old boy jailed after stabbing woman who defended her bisexual friend from abuse

"This was a heinous attack on a young woman who was trying to defend her friend".


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Kent Police

A 16-year-old boy, who stabbed a young woman after learning her friend was bisexual has been jailed for four and a half years, we can now report.

Jack Green, who couldn't be named previously due to now-concluded court proceedings, attacked the woman in Canterbury last October after meeting her in a local takeaway.

Green, from Pyle Alley lane in Whitstable, admitted wounding with intent at a hearing on 6 January, having previously pleaded guilty to using threatening words or behaviour. He was ordered to spend 54 months in a young offenders' institute on 7 January.

"A heinous attack"

According to Kent Police, Green and some of his friends met the woman, identified by Kent Online (KO) as Megan Murphy, at a takeaway in Northgate at around two-thirty in the morning on 23 October. After learning of the sexual orientation of one of Murphy's friends - identified by KO as Lewis Eaves and bisexual - Green is said to have made homophobic comments.

After Murphy's group left the takeaway shop, Green and his friends followed them arming themselves with items from a telephone box. They also threw bricks and bottles at her group.

It was at this point Green drew a small knife and stabbed Murphy before fleeing the scene. Murphy was then taken to hospital and is said to be suffering from ongoing complications following the attack.

Officers identified Green from local CCTV footage and arrested him three hours after the assault.

Jack Green (Photo: Kent Police)

PC Byzid Al-Mahmood, from Kent Police said: "This was a heinous attack on a young woman who was trying to defend her friend after Green's appalling comments. I am pleased a swift and meticulous investigation by officers from Canterbury's Vulnerability Investigation Team has led to a dangerous young offender being removed from the streets.

"I would like to pay tribute to the victim's bravery in supporting this prosecution and in speaking in court. I hope the sentence gives her a sense that justice has been done."

In court, Ms. Murphy discussed how the attack had impacted her, putting her studies on hold and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. 

According to KO, Green's lawyer, Paul Jackson, said his client was "deeply ashamed, remorseful" and "deeply upset as to the pain he had caused".

He also said Green wanted to apologise for his actions and believes the attack wouldn't have happened had he not drunk cider and wine.