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Winter wonder! The best hairstyles and skincare for this season

By Will Stroude

Each month, celebrity hairstylist and Attitude Hair and Grooming expert Jason Collier is sharing his wealth of experience to help keep you looking razor-sharp and ready for any occasion…

I don’t know how it happened, but the clocks have changed, dark nights are here and the party season is just around the corner. It’s the time of year we all automatically update our wardrobes to protect ourselves against the elements, but what we often forget about is to rethink hair and skincare routines.

Skin comes under extra pressure at this time of year – cold weather, wind and rain all take their toll outside, while cranked-up central heating does the same inside, drying complexions out and leaving skin looking dull and uneven. Building in a little extra time to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise will help shape up skin for the social season ahead.

If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin, treat it gently, don’t over cleanse or use harsh scrubs. Look for a cleanser that removes dirt and daily build-up without drying skin out. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Gel Cleanser will give tired skin a bit of a boost, while a weekly exfoliation will help rid complexions of dull, flaky skin. Don’t forget to moisturise – Jack Black’s Dry Erase Ultra-Calming Face Cream retains moisture and helps protect skin against the environment. Free from parabens and artificial fragrances, it also works well to calm and soothe skin.

Treat your lips as you would the rest of your face to protect against chapping – cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise with a fragrance-free lip balm – products with fragrance tend to have a more drying effect.


If you are thinking about changing your hairstyle for the festive season, get some advice from your stylist now. This year’s runways saw a nod to the ‘curtain fringes’ of the ’90s, but updated to offer more versatility. This time round the style is longer and looser, and if you don’t have the hair length required your stylist can cut in layers to give the right shape and start things off.

For inspiration, Brendan Fraser sports a mean short version of the style, while Zayn Malik previously mastered the centre parting with shorter, more compact back and sides, and a looser style on top. You’ll want a lightweight balm that can define hair – I like the Silk Texturizing Balm from Ecru New York, which works well on different hair textures.

Expect to see hair extremes this season, such as super-close crops alongside loose quiffs that are relaxed rather than gravity defying. Ryan Gosling is a great example of this look with a side parting, length through the sides, but kept longer on top – cool, casual and relaxed, the kind of style that takes you from work to wherever you want to go. Use a mousse or salt spray on roots to give a bit of lift when drying, which will help create that light ‘wave’ effect on top. It’s also a style that suits many face shapes.

If you opt for a really short sharp look, it’s all about the timing and maintenance. You might think short styles are super easy to keep and as much as they are wash and go, you need to stay on top of the length to avoid things looking unkempt. Treat your shorn scalp to an oil that will help nourish and moisturise skin – something live Aveda’s Men Pure-formance Composition Oil is a blend of essential oils, which is great as a massage oil for the body or as a conditioning scalp treatment.

Also popular this season is the short back and sides with hair left longer and fuller on top, which is ideal for guys with thicker or more unruly hair. A bit of clay is all you need to use on dry hair to achieve that slightly mussed up, casual style so beloved of the likes of Joe Jonas.

Remember that a little styling product can go a long way – use a high-shine serum to add gloss or a pomade to slick hair back, taking you from day to evening with an updated look for the season.

Jason Collier is an award-winning hair colourist and stylist to the stars, and Creative Director at the Matthew Curtis Hair Salon at The Rosewood London.

For more visit and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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