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Louise Redknapp: ‘Eternal didn’t ask me to join reunion’

By Nick Levine

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Louise Redknapp has revealed that she wasn’t asked to be part of Eternal’s comeback on The Big Reunion.

Redknapp was a member of the R&B girlband from 1992 to 1995, and performed with them for the entirety of the campaign for their 1993 debut album Always & Forever, which yielded six top 15 singles including Stay and Oh Baby I…

She left to go solo shortly before Eternal recorded their second album, and scored a series of hits of her own with pop-oriented songs including Naked and 2 Faced.

Eternal reformed late last year to participate in the second series of ITV2’s The Big Reunion, but as a three-piece comprising the other original members, Easther Bennett, Vernie Bernett and Kelle Bryan.

“It all happened before I knew about it. It pulled on my heart strings,” Redknapp told The Mirror at an art exhibition on Thursday night (April 24).

“That time in my life was wonderful and seeing them perform brought back a lot of good memories. There were some fab songs and good times, but they didn’t ask me to be part of the reunion – which was sad.”

Redknapp then added: “I wouldn’t have done it, but it would’ve been nice to be asked.”

Meanwhile, the three-piece Eternal are set to perform at Pride Cymru in Cardiff in August – click here for more details.