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Attitude’s favourite shows and stars from London Fashion Week Men’s

By Will Stroude

January 2017 was jump-started for the Attitude fashion team last week as they returned from their holidays and dived straight into one of the busiest week’s in the UK’s fashion calendar: London Fashion Week Men’s.

The ramifications of a tumultous 2016 seemingly weighed heavily on many designers, with fear, uncertainty and dystopian themes permeating through many a collection. But in amongst the post-Brexit political themes was plenty of incredible fashion that served as a beacon of light throughout the week.

With a little help from Jaguar, here’s your round-up of the highlights:

Topman Design

While post-2016 gloom was reflected in many collections, travelling to sunnier climes whilst straddling the decades was a strong theme throughout London Fashion week.

Topman Design took inspiration from the pubbing and clubbing of the ’90s, with plenty of sportswear, sherbet neons, macs, and and psychedelic prints present.

Despite skinny silhouettes, outwear came courtesy of bright PVC, keeping the Topman Design traveller protected while on the move in the uncertain times ahead.

Bobby Abley

Bobby Abley has a talent for quenching many a millennial’s thirst for nostalgia, having previously taken cues from everything from Disney’s Aladdin to the Little Mermaid (Last summer, he even an homage to Mickey Mouse Club member, the legendary Christina Aguilera).

This season, the man who favours frivolity and neoprene took a look at an up and coming film adaptation of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and to add a bit more magic, the collection is straight to store. That’s right, no delayed gratification here: just embrace your inner child and head straight to and pick your favourite Power Ranger.

Diamante chokers customised with the model’s names on really brought home the ’90s aesthetic. Familiar Abley staples including the crop top hoody and teddy bear motif were coupled with new BA initials monogramming, resulting in a strong collection that straddles the brand’s past and future.

Astrid Andersens

Astrid Andersen says she wants to revive some masculine opulence in menswear. With a beautiful palette of dark navy, plum and pale golds, elevated tracksuits, and great fabrication there was plenty to love about this lavish new collection.

Andersen introduced silk, feathers (both real and printed, giving a vivid warm wave that came over the runway), in a collection which felt more grown up from the past. With regal design cues, sophistication and power emanated from the models as they strode down the runway.


Sibling escaped the drudgery of the winter months with a collection which took design cues from Barcelona and Gaudí.  Taking inspiration from the artist’s Trencadis mosaic technique with a colour palette of warm oranges, navy blues and bright reds. the brand didn’t forget their UK ties, anchoring the pieces firmly in Britain with references to everything from Lady Di ruffled collars, ‘Babs Windsor at a wedding’ hats and plenty of embellishing with bunting, badges and football sock bows.

The show was styled by Judy Blame, who made his mark with his trademark east London and Pearly Kings and Queens aesthetic. Married with Sibling’s technical prowess, shown in it’s lurex and hand crocheting, it was a clever, fresh and fun show from a brand who consistently live up to expectations season to season.

Vivienne Westwood

Plenty of designers are opting to show menswear and womenswear together, and Vivienne Weswood became the latest big name to join suit last week with pieces that combined gender-blurring, relaxed silhouettes, signature knitwear, and lashings of Dame Viv’s punk spirit.

Westwood is no stranger to unisex collections, and she’s had fun swapping the clothes for this collection. Environmentally conscious as ever, the mantra of this collection was  ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’.

All images from Attitude’s Instagram @attitudemag

Away from the runway, there were plenty of celebs to spot whilst out and about on a cold week in January: Drag Race star Detox was serving fish at the Vivienne Westwood show, former cover star Tom Daley stopped by for a quick chat with us outside Matthew Miller, and our Lord David Beckham showed his commitment to newly-acquired Kent and Curwen with an appearance alongside wife Victoria and son Brooklyn.

London Fashion Week Men’s woke Attitude up from our Christmas break like a splash of cold water in the sink, but luckily striding straight into a week of shows was eased by Jaguar and their fabulous driver Derick, who ensured we made it to every show in style in our very own Jaguar XJ…


Until next time!

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