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Three of the best nature-inspired fashion collections

Get back out into the world with looks inspired that celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors.

By Sacha Dance

After a year and a half spent indoors more than we would like, this Autumn-Winter season brands are helping us make the most of the great outdoors with collections inspired by the world’s natural beauty.

Here are three of the best ranges helping you to channel your inner wanderer…


British designer Daniel w. Fletcher is heading to the seaside this summer, launching his first seasonal store on the seafront at burgeoning queer and artistic hotspot Margate. It’s home to Fletcher’s AW21 collection, with exclusive pieces inspired by the English coastal town.

The ground floor not only showcases DwF’s new range but also has a beach shop complete with sandcastle buckets, beachballs, frisbees and sticks of rock.

The lower level has been transformed with furniture from to host a series of events and workshops during July and August, including quilting and arts workshops, queer book-club meet, poetry readings and other events in partnership with local artists and businesses. You can book them all at

It’s time to take a trip to the British seaside, we think.


Uniqlo are taking flight with their partnership with Flock Together, a birdwatching collective for people of colour. 

Celebrating the innovation of ‘airism’, the collection allows the wearer to find their weightlessness and freedom to take flight.

Made from special fibres that wick away moisture away from the skin to release heat, this collection mixes comfort and functionality with a chic, streamlined aesthetic that comes in a light and airy palette of pastels and lush greens. We’re on cloud nine.


Craghoppers are adding a surreal element to the outdoors with their Autumn Winter 2021 collection, titled The Visitors: Dusk Arrival.

Inspired by The Man who fell to Earth and Stanley Kubrick films, their campaign sees the use of shards of light filtered through the trees, that not only highlights the clothes, but gives us the distinct feeling that we’re not alone.

Craghoppers has a dynamic range of outerwear on offer, such as their Aquadry, Gore Tex and Archive collection, with plenty of pieces, such  as plaids and fleeces that will make you ready for any close encounters in the woods.