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‘The King of Colour’ Way of Yaw shares his night time skincare routine with Kiehl’s – WATCH

From gentler make-up removal to freshly hydrated skin, Yaw and Kiehl's have got you covered.

By Will Stroude

As the internet’s ‘King of Colour’, Way of Yaw is used to creating stunning, glittery looks – but the beauty and cosmetics guru knows only too well that that make-up can play havoc with your skin.

Thankfully, Yaw is revealing how he keeps his own skin looking as flawless as his contouring with a new new night time skincare video tutorial for Attitude and Kiehl’s Since 1851

Having previously share his daytime skincare tips with Kiehl’s, Yaw is back to show you how to be kinder to your skin when using make-up and how to keep it rejuvenated after it comes off.

“Let me tell you something: I absolutely love doing extravagant, heavy make-up – borderline stage make-up to be honest with you”, says Yaw. “But I’ve come to the realisation that it’s not worth it if you are not going to take care of your skin as well to balance that out.

“If you’re doing heavy make-up every day, you need to be doing really good skincare every morning and night.”

Check out Yaw’s night time skincare routine below:

Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil (shop here)

 “My favourite proudct to go in first to remove make-up is an oil cleanser – and this one I’ve been loving recently”, say Yaw.

“It’s oil-based, so it’s really going to help break down the make-up. I’ve found that when you go in with a regular cleanser that isn’t oil it doens’t break it down and you can tug on the skin too much; it actually prevents you from smoothly removing that make-up.”

He adds: “What I love about this oil is that it’s great for breaking down glitter as well. Sometimes you can find cleansing products don’t removed glitter as well as you’d like it to so sometimes you need to go in with additional products, but this literally breaks it down amazingly. As you can see, the glitter stands no chance!”

Midnight Recovery Concentrate (shop here)

“Now that we have a clean face we can get into night time skin care. You want to make sure you use products that are going to really penetrate the skin well”, explains Yaw.

“The [Midnight recovery Concentrate] is a little bit thinner in consistency, and I like to go with the thinner products first so they can really soak into the skin.

This one smells absolutely gorgeous. It’s also a natural formular and 99.8% naturally-derived, which is amazing. It’s always good to know you’re using natural products on your skin… it has lavender oil [and] primrose oil, so you know it’s going to enrich your skin with amazingness.”

Ultra Facial Cream (shop here)

 “This is the Ultra Facial Moisturiser, and it’s not too thick. it’s also Kiehl’s number one-selling product, so you know it is good”, says Yaw. “It feels so luxurious the way it glides over the skin. The skin already feelsplump just with a few swipes of this product.

“My skin feels so much more hydrated, it appears so much more smooth and soft. I absolutely this product – it actually might be favourite product from Kiehl’s as well!”