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Roger Frampton reveals if he’s a briefs of boxers guy in the backseat of Attitude’s Jaguar

The fitness expert offers some style tips for the up and coming season in the back of the Attitude Jaguar

By Joseph Kocharian

Model and author Roger Frampton is the latest eye candy to appear in our three part Jaguar series. 

The series takes a closer look at some of our favourite new fashion trends, as well as our fashion guilty pleasures.

In the clip, the hunky model opens  up about his favourite modelling job throughout his career. 

Frampton explained: “Favourite thing I’ve ever done as a model is shoot with Ralph Lauren in Palm Springs in the midst of 35 degrees and snowy mountains.

“It was epic,” he added.

The model also revealed whether he prefers to wear snug briefs or loose boxer shorts, just in case you needed that mental image to get you through the day. 

Watch his interview below:

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