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Zara Larsson calls out TikToker for trying to ‘Millie Bobby Brown’ her with homophobic slur joke

"Y'all are like 'She ate you up with her reply and she kinda did!" Ryan Crouse later responded.

By Alastair James

Zara Larsson and Ryan Crouse
Zara Larsson and Ryan Crouse (Image: TikTok/@zaralarsson and @ryanthetwat)

Pop girlie Zara Larsson has squashed a claim from a TikToker that she used a homophobic slur against him.

It all began when Ryan Crouse, whose username is @ryanthetwat, posted a video about finding out about $1 flights to Vietnam.

The ‘Lush Life’ singer then piggybacked off this saying the $1 flight was “crazy.”

Crouse then stitched Larsson’s video where he said what was crazier was an apparent incident between himself and the singer at a concert.

The TikTok-er said he’d been pulled onstage at a concert in Washington DC in 2017 or 2018.

“And then as soon as I started singing with you, you pushed me off the stage and called me a flaming f***ing f**,” he continued.

On Tuesday (15 August) Larsson responded to Crouse on her own account. The Swedish singer said she thought Ryan seemed “a sweet guy” and that she liked his content.

“I get that it’s a joke, but we need to make a study on what it is that makes white gay men feel like making a woman look homophobic is like the funniest joke ever.

“Because I thought that was a little played out. It’s 2023. Why are you still trying to Millie Bobby Brown people?”

This was a reference to a viral trend that saw people imply Millie Bobby Brown was somehow homophobic.


#stitch with @ryan crouse see you in court Ryan

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Questioning whether it was “some sort of self-deprecating humour” Larsson observed “it’s always on the expense of the girlies,” adding “I don’t like that.”

She continued affirming her status as an LGBTQ ally. “I’ve always been and I will always be.”

The ‘Symphony’ singer further questioned why she’d use a slur that would harm her career and called for common sense.

“Come on guys. I believe in you, use your brains and I don’t want to be negative Nancy, like, trust me … I don’t take myself too seriously. But at the end of the day, it’s, like, what’s so funny about this?

Referencing a similar incident prior Larsson continued saying it “just makes me sad. It just hurts me because that’s so far from my character and what I would do.”

She closed telling Crouse “I’m gonna sue you,” before clarifying that that was a joke.

We have to say, her joke was the more obvious of the two.

Crouse later responded on Wednesday (16 August) claiming that it was all a joke and that “having drama with Zara Larsson was not on my bingo card for 2023.”

He also claimed: “I thought literally everybody knew that this was going to be satire. What I was hoping was that she was going to stitch it and continue the bit and make some shit up about me.”

The whole thing was just meant to be a “funny internet exchange,” according to Crouse. The TikTok-er recognised the joke hadn’t landed and also confirmed he had never been to Larsson’s concert.

“Y’all are like ‘She ate you up with her reply and she kinda did!” Crouse closed.