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Young gay artist turns Trump’s offensive slurs into a portrait of hate

By Ben Kelly

A young gay artist has composed a portrait of Donald Trump using only offensive comments that the US Republican presidential candidate has said.

Speaking exclusively to Attitude, Conor Collins explains: “It’s a portrait of Trump made entirely out of his racist, sexist, ignorant and bigoted remarks.”

“The Trump campaign started off as laughable,” he said. “Although his comments are ridiculous, his campaign has grown in strength and he has become dangerous. He is normalising racism, bigotry and sexism and is using it to further his career. Someone wanting to be the leader of the free world shouldn’t get there through oppression.”


Trump is currently the front runner in the Republican party’s race to find a candidate for the US presidential election this November.

In the course of his campaign so far, the billionaire businessman from New York has caused controversy by claiming that Mexican immigrants are rapists, and that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. He has also been repeatedly derogatory towards women, singling out Rosie O’Donnell as ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’.

Despite this, he continues to thrive, and a high profile endorsement from former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin last week has boosted his support. He current stands at 41% in the polls, leading all his contenders.

However, Conor has taken some of these offensive comments and used them in the name of art. After tweeting the image this morning, the portrait has already received hundreds of retweets.

It’s not the first time Young has tackled prejudice in this fashion. He previously composed a portrait of Tom Daley, using homophobic tweets received by the diver after he came out in 2014.


Describing how he created the Trump piece, Conor said, “The piece itself is made using acrylic paint, and all the writing is paint too not ink.”

You can see more of Conor’s work on his website.

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