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This new gay ‘adult’ colouring book is guaranteed to make you blush

By Fabio Crispim

The last year or so has seen an explosion in the popularity of adult colouring books, billed as a therapeutic, colour-filled distraction in a world full of chaos – and naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone really put the ‘adult’ into it.

Sarah McDonnell is the creator of an adult colouring book Fill Me In,  and she’s just launched a Kickstarter foundation for the next instalment in the series.

MANual 2

Just The Tip: The Colouring MANual contains 20 drawn images of couples in sexual scenarios alongside cheeky headings, and McDonnell hopes of releasing it in June to coincide with this year’s Pride in London.

There’s the cheeky ‘Open All Hours’, set at the sadly now-defunct Soho gay bar Madame JoJo’s, along with the mandatory ‘Nextflix & Chill’, and even ‘Pleasure Beach’ in Brighton beach.

MANual 1

In a press release, McDonnell said, “After the success of my first book Fill Me In, I couldn’t wait to pick up my pencils again and start the second book in the series.

“I believe sexuality is an important and natural part of people’s lives, and hate how prudish ‘us Brits’ can be sometimes,” she adds. “I hope this book helps people express themselves, respect sexual and cultural diversity and encourage people to just have fun!”

As well as the colouring book, pledge rewards include downloads, signed postcards, greetings cards, limited edition prints and even the opportunity to own your own bespoke illustration.


Whatever your favourite ‘scenario’ is, we know you’ll enjoying colouring them in.

You can support The Colouring MANual’s Kickstarter here.

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