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Texas baker refuses to make wedding cake for gay couple

By Fabio Crispim

Following the new trend in recent months, a Texas baker has become the latest to turn down a gay couple.

Why? Because of she Christian beliefs.


Couple Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo had gone to their local bakery, Kerns Bake Shop, which they have used frequently in the past. The pair wanted to order a cake for their wedding on March 27.

The couple were quickly turned away by Edie Delorme, the co-owner of said bakery, and she insisted she would NOT make a cake for a “homosexual marriage”.

Speaking to Kilgore News Herald, Valencia said she made them feel like “cockroaches” by discriminating against them.

He continued saying, “I feel like people should be able to go somewhere to get something done without having to worry about who they are.”


“Businesses have the right to refuse service, but if she’s going to be like that, why doesn’t she just put a sign that says, ‘We don’t make homosexual cakes’?”

Delorme, talking to The Longview News-Journal says that there are many cakes she refuses to make including alcohol-related and risque cakes because of her Christian beliefs and that she would rather stop making wedding cakes altogether than cater a gay wedding.

“If I went to a baker, a homosexual baker, and they didn’t want to provide a cake for an event that maybe celebrated marriage between a man and a woman, that would be OK for them to say, ‘That’s not in line with our values.'”

She added that she has gay relatives but wouldn’t make a wedding cake for them either.

So, who else wants to turn down gay couples?

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